For anyone who’s been wondering why I’ve been so quiet..
Now that summer is drawing to a close and a new season is just around the corner and in response to lots of kind, and concerned enquiries, I feel that I’d like to explain why I have been relatively quiet over recent months.
18 months ago, in March 2017, I had a knee injury followed by knee surgery, which didn’t heal. In August 2017 I also began to experience muscle wastage and bruised bones in my right hand. The cause was a mystery to doctors. Earlier this year (2018) it spread to my left arm & hand and I became unable to use that too.
My heart broke watching the seasons pass outside the window – I was hugely ill, in extreme pain, and aside from three fleeting moments on stage pumped full of medication and steroids, I was, for the most part, stuck indoors unable to get out and perform. Eventually, I had a diagnosis of inflammatory auto-immune disease. It’s been a slow, slow, physically and emotionally painful journey for the last 18 months. Thankfully, I am now well on the road to recovery. I’m able to walk properly again, am gaining strength and most importantly to me, just a few weeks ago I was back on stage, singing and strutting my stuff during the UK summer festival season. I really can’t put into words just how happy I am to be back on stage singing my head off.
I cannot express enough thanks to my Nana, who instilled in me a level of positivity and determination that somehow kept me going (‘the glass is always half-full’), or to the wonderful friends and people who’ve supported my music, waiting so patiently for my new album – it’s definitely on it’s way!
As some of you may have seen, my crowdfunder campaign had to be put on hold for a long time, but it’s now back up & running, and dearly in need of your support.
Please help in any way you can, so that I can get this music that I love and that comes from my soul, out there, and riding the airwaves – love to all! X
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